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Shun Hirayama complete residential home at one with nature

The basic layout of the Les Aventuriers project consists of four living spaces, specifically designed to make the most of the surrounding rural landscape; a kitchen and dining space in view of the approach road, a living space with extensive viewpoints, bedrooms at positions facing towards the scenic landscape and a bathroom partially open to the elements.

The individual volumes were converted to wooden masses and shaped, conforming to each site shape and condition. Although the kitchen is situated in the east wing of the property, it is positioned facing towards the south in order to make the most of the natural light. The face of the living space is slightly inclined toward the north, so as to avoid seeing other neighbouring properties, increasing the level of privacy. As a result, gradually overlapping each other, the four separate masses were formed into one shape.

In the interior of the building, the walls are set in diverse angles on ten different floor levels and various ceiling heights exist throughout. On the finishes of the floors, various types of wood were chosen to match the intended mood in each area. Outside, thin trees are arranged in the centre of a concrete floor where it meets the natural relief so as to create an illusion of a path between rice paddies.

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