Luxurious Bathroom Bright

This is a bathroom that is luxurious and elegant. With a sunny atmosphere creates a sophisticated atmosphere. Large mirror with a classic gold frame. A shower of silver tower is positioned in front of a large window. Trolley is ideal for holding bottles and bathroom accessories, leaving the basin neat.
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Modern bedrooms with bed linen flower

A modern bedroom with a different atmosphere with murals mountains. A painterly landscape mural in heathery shades adorn the back wall in this bedroom. The floor kept neutral so it does not beat the view. Motifs on the bed linen very harmonious relationship with the atmosphere of the bedroom. Shades of blue are very supportive owners break.
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Yellow Living Room Variation

The living room decorated with yellow dominant color will give the impression of bright and beautiful. So that the room is not boring, add a few accessories or decorations with a dark color. This method is to provide a varied atmosphere. To further add to the warm atmosphere, adding carpet in yellow decorated with a contrasting color images. A wallpaper, bold geometric with a soft yellow color provides a solid background for the furniture mustard. Display has been broken up with soft gray accents and a selection of plain and patterned accessories.
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