Young Danish architect develops 195,000 sq m sustainable mixed-use build in Boston

Christian Bay-Jørgensen’s latest project is set in Boston, Massachusetts. On a popular waterfront location the Danish architect has designed ‘Boston Fusion’ – an office and apartment building which is sustainable in every sense and forms part of the plans of a new, green quarter entitled South Boston.

Boston Fusion both activates the roofscape by integrating roof terraces and green roofs, and creates a very active roof which generates money to the investors and at the same time has a positive effect on the environment. “It is standard procedure to leave roofs unexploited. But this is an undesirable solution in a time with drastic climate change and thus a natural need for energy saving procedures and development of sustainable solutions,” says Bay-Jørgensen.

The building has been designed as a hilly countryside on 17 floors, where the top three floors are penthouse apartments extended into the roof surface. Below the apartments are offices, cafés, shops and open green squares and sloping pathways twisting from the street level all the way to the rooftop. The idea is to create an intimate suburban idyll inside the construction.

The project integrates newly developed eco-technologies for the fifth facade; products developed by Icopal. The products used are air purifying roofing felt, a heat generating roof, a roof solution with integrated solar cells producing electric power and a green roof which relieves the pressure on the sewerage system in the city and binds pollutants of the environment.

Bay-Jørgensen states: “As much as the inspiration from Beacon Hill represents the social sustainability, the project is also architecturally in line with the modern office buildings of Boston’s finance district, which represent the financial viability of Boston Fusion. The business part with the office rental service etc. will contribute to make the project profitable for both investors and developers. At the same time the integrated Eco Activ pro-environmental products from Icopal represent the sustainable energy supply.”

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