The Salt House is a rare example of a contemporary UK sea-side house.

The client for Salt House is a couple whose parents live in the house next door, and the client spent all her summers there as a child. It is a new house with a long history! This project benefited from a quite specific client brief in terms of functionality – 3 beds/baths + guest suite, 3500sf, no swing doors, a £450K budget - but complete openness in terms of form and materials. The client was interested in the atrium house typology, and in particular a strong visual connection from 1st floor to ground floor due to the special needs of one of the clients two children. The project had the added demand of fulfilling the requirements of new building in a high-risk flood plain. We embraced these challenges, aiming to design a house sympathetic to its context - yet responding in a fully contemporary manner to the opportunities of a family ready for modern sea-side living.
The two storey Salt House is located at the end of a terrace of 19thC timber-boarded oyster fishermen’s houses fronting a communal garden sheltered by a sea wall. Department of the Environment floodproofing measures required lifting the house above the level of its neighbours; this higher elevation means the house forms a ‘bookend’ to the terrace, balanced by the inn at the terrace’s opposite end.

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