New hospital in Ohio designed to connect with the growing suburban community

The first-phase 144-bed hospital and attached medical office building located along a freeway in a suburb of Cleveland, is designed to connect with the community and its needs - from the exterior aesthetic acknowledging the modern growing suburban community surrounding it, to the functional ‘community of care’ promoting the welfare of both patients and staff.

The three-phase medical campus is organised around a flexible strategy for growth that allows the public and service spines to expand incrementally in function and capacity as the needs of the facility evolve; this is designed to occur with minimal disruption to operations, maintaining the overall aesthetic and functional integrity of the design during expansion to a 600-bed facility occurs.

The building’s form and orientation responds strongly to the site. To the north, the building base wraps around a landscaped area, transitioning to a series of protected wetlands buffering the project from the adjacent freeway. The seven-story, curved patient tower is positioned to maximise the building’s external visibility from the freeway and internal views to the adjoining wetlands, and to maintain those views in succeeding phases. The back-ventilated, rain-screen terra-cotta cladding combined with extensive low-e glazing attempts to reinterpret the materiality of the older industrial brick buildings of the region in a high-performance building skin that visibly represents the advanced medical care delivered within the facility.

Internally, the ‘community of care’ concept influences the shape and form of the facility, serving as the driver behind several innovative features. Within the nursing unit, the curved plan is set to enhance patient care and staff efficiency by minimising staff travel, improving circulation of supplies, minimising transport of patients, and maximising opportunities for access to daylight and views. Lean design thinking influenced the breakdown of traditional departments, re-organising treatment areas into invasive and non-invasive floors for an improved continuum of care.

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