Kleboth Lindinger completes new home in Austrian village

The site with its distinct longitudinal form completes the building development of the village and marks a direct change to the bordering nature reserve, without doing that the usual way by setting up a fence. Under the pitched roof required by the authorities, all functions are strung together; storage, carport, wardrobe, sauna, hall and the actual house itself. Prefabricated walls of exposed concrete hold up the roof, the wooden house was constructed underneath it.

The two storey house is compact and offers the usual functions of a single family home. Suspensible windows allow the owners to cook inside and outside on the terrace. Depending on the weather life takes place indoors, in the hall, on the patio or in the garden. A wet room and installations room are situated in the northern part of the building, a massive nucleus. Solar panels are installed there and geothermal energy used for heating.

The hall is a hybrid, roofed over and vitrified but not heated. It has no distinct function yet is multifunctional; to peg out washing, for parties on rainy days, for repairing the motorcycle, for playing in the sand box, as relaxation room for the sauna. A room always a bit ‘untidy’ but drawn from life.

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