Growing a green New England

ARCADD modernise the traditional townhouse in Massachusetts

Designed by ARCADD, the townhouses at Cold Spring Green in Newton, Massachusetts aim to modernise the typical New England house and display soaring ceilings and skylights, stainless steel accents, and glass prominence. After difficulties such as the city building department delaying building permits by six months and several rejections due to the nature of the design, the completed buildings have now generated praise throughout the neighbourhood and the city.

The buildings utilise the latest energy-efficient technologies, such as geothermal high efficiency heating and cooling, a photovoltaic roof system, high performance windows, and EnergyStar appliances. Building materials were sourced locally and the units are constructed with engineered lumber minimising waste. The galvalum panel roof is a standing-seam metal 100-year roof, which reflects heat in the summer and retains it during the winter. The open floor plan, large windows, and electronically operated skylights allow air to circulate and natural light to penetrate throughout the space.

Each unit is temperature controlled (heating and air conditioning) via a geothermal system and is solar ready. The reduction in carbon footprint equals to 17% reduction on overall energy requirements for the buildings, or financial savings equivalent to supplying a full year of free gas to four large size cars for each unit in the residential complex. Living at Cold Spring Green becomes virtually energy free within 15-20 years where the geothermal system pays for itself within approximately 11.5 years.

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