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Located in Chicago, Perimeter Architect’s Issa House responds well to its unique lot shape and urban typologies

The house designed for a photographer, an architect and their growing family is a feat in multi-tasking; this 2,200 sq ft house sits on a mere 1,950 sq ft triangular lot which diminishes to a 6 ft width in the rear and yet manages to produce a light filled single family residence with a photography studio, architect’s office, child’s play loft and carport while maintains client’s desire for outdoor space in a dense urban neighbourhood.

The house ultimately takes form responding to strict zoning requirements as a design catalyst; seen as a volume which has been carved away from below the remaining form manages client’s programmatic requirements of live, work, entry, light, shade, play, and garden. A cement board panel rain screen system successfully alters light and depth of surface over the course of the day through the design of a coated anodised metal flashing detail which extends 3/8 of an inch from the cement board face. Bound by commercial use to the south and residential zoning to the north the house manages to respond to its unique lot shape and urban typologies through subtle transformations of form, material, and interior spatial relationships.

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