A bridge house that defines two courtyards

Zd+a design a bridge house in Mexico City
The basic scheme for this house located in a residential area in Mexico City is simple: An open concrete box sits on two perpendicular stone blocks, these three basic volumes form an H on which the horizontal volume (the concrete box) acts as a bridge. Simultaneously this “H” scheme creates two courtyards; the first is enclosed by the parking structure while the second one opens unto the garden. Both courtyards are linked by the family room which allows by means of glass pleading windows to connect or isolate the main outside spaces. To access the house one must cross a second concrete bridge that spans 10 meters over the first courtyard and unloads into the public realm of the house, containing living and dinning and kitchen spaces. This concrete box opened on its long sides covers a span of 16 meters by means of a post-stressed concrete slab. To access the private area one must descend through a wooden staircase that disembarks directly onto a stone platform that functions as the “family room” directly beneath the concrete box. On a lower level (part of which is underground) we find the library which by means of a private stone courtyard connects directly with the garden. Special importance was paid to the integration of the house and the garden by blurring the distinction between the two. This was achieved by fragmenting the garden and incorporating it throughout the building, at the same time the plot is integrated with the neighboring landscape. Materiality and tectonics where of paramount importance, a composite wall formed by horizontal concrete slabs and poured concrete give considerable weight to the base. All wood is walnut and it’s combined in solid 8”planks and laminated panels.

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