Decorating with carpeting

Although the terms carpet and rug are used interchangeably, they are not the same product.

Carpets are produced in rolls from 2 to 18 feet wide. It is usually installed wall to wall by professionals over raw flooring and a carpet pad.

Rugs a smaller soft floor covering. These are also called area rugs as they are often used to define separate areas in a room. They are used over finished flooring
Advantages and Disadvantages of Decorating with Carpeting

Wall-to-wall carpeting is the perfect choice for adding a splash of color or texture to a room. It is soft underfoot, adds warmth on those cold nights and muffles sound.

The biggest benefits of decorating with carpeting however, is the ease with which it covers flooring that is damaged or of low quality. A floor that was a ghastly eyesore a few hours ago, can be transformed into a thing of beauty. It's almost as if you had access to Aladdin's lamp! (And wouldn't we all love to have that?)

One of the disadvantages of decorating with carpeting is that it is a fairly large investment. Once it is installed, you will have to live with it a long time. Take the time to shop around. Learn about the different types of carpeting. Some of these are:

* Berber - A tufted carpet that is composed of short-loop-pile carpeting. This is durable, great if you have high traffic areas, and suitable to almost all types of decor
* Broadloom - This is any carpet made on a wide loom. Most carpets made on a loom today run from 12-18 feet wide decorating with a sisal rug
* Sisal - Sisal carpet is made of plant fibers woven in textured patterns. It has gained in popularity in recent years. Along with coir and seagrass, (other plant based weaves), they provide the look of carpeting for less money, but do not give the same quality of durability.

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