Water Features to Soothe the Soul

We drink it, bathe in it, and admire it. Throughout the ages, the sound of water has inspired poets and lovers, kings and commoners. It is the essence of human life. So why not introduce water’s inspiration into your own outdoor living space?
Monolithic in styling, this feature creates a curtain of moving crystal and a dramatic sense of arrival. The cross beam’s man-made symmetry forms a pleasing counterpoint to the flowing, natural shape of the rock that supports it. Plants add texture, visual depth, and colors that shift from white to green to deep crimson throughout the changing seasons.

Water cascades over seemingly random slabs of slate piled against this home’s front bay window. Apparently entranced by the sound’s musicality, yellow blossoms lean closer – to the envy of the flowers tucked cozily into a rich red planter. A curved stone edge will surely tempt many a child – of any age – to pause, kick of their shoes, and dip their toes in the pond just for the sheer joy of it.

Subtle and understated, this fountain peeks from the ground just enough to make its presence known. Continuously covered with water, the stone’s dark luster is offset by white pebbles in a matte finish.

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